Currently the Acoustics and Audio Technology group undertakes research in the following areas:

  1. Digital Signal Processing methods for audio and acoustics applications
    • Digital equalisation for audio systems and listening spaces
    • Audio data compression
    • Suppression of noise and distortion in audio signals
    • Bitstream audio coding and processing
    • Audio analysis and processing for network delivery
    • Application of Psychoacoustics to audio digital signal processing

  2. Digital Audio System Technology
    • Digital Amplifiers for audio applications
    • Digital audio filters for electroacoustic applications
    • Real-time hardware and software implementations
    • Systems for direct acoustic radiation
    • Digital wireless audio networks
    • Acoustic auralization and virtual acoustics

  3. Electroacoustic Applications
    • Alternative methods for electroacoustic transduction
    • Measurement methods
    • Computer simulation of building acoustics
    • Acoustic reconstruction of ancient theaters and buildings